Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome New Baby Girl!

Hope y'all will send a word of Congrats to Adrian Paul and Alexa Tonelli on the birth of their new daughter....

 Angelisa Valentina-Rose, Jan. 8th, 2010 Weighing in at: 7#3oz

Monday, October 26, 2009

Baby Registry now ready!

Adrian's caring and adoring fans want to be able to do something, anything, to celebrate the new baby girl...Adrian and Alexa have set up two (2) Baby Registries so that we too can feel a part of it all. Auntie and Uncles alike want to help.

With lots of adorable baby stuff, all price ranges, and very affordable selections you can choose a baby gift (or two, or three) for the new baby girl.

You will need to enter a name/password to enter the Registry. Try using Alexandra Tonelli and get ready to "oooh and awwww" over little girly things..
Babies 'R' Us
The Juvenile Shop
Use either or both of the links below to start shopping! Or, if you would rather...why not make a donation to PEACE (there is a link on bottom of this page)  in honor of the baby?

Be sure to read Adrian's note at Official Adrian Paul Site

Are you excited yet?? Why not share and tell us what you bought for the baby? Feel free to share hints and tips for the new parents too!

Adrian's Angels

Monday, October 19, 2009

Congatulations are in order to Adrian and Alexandra!

With their first baby due early 2010, and as first time parents, we are sure they will need our experienced input and parenting tips. After all, most of us have been waiting a L-o-o-o-n-g time.(lol)

Real parents sharing real experiences. Things to look for, things not to do, things you do NOT need to buy and when it's time to just go hide in the closet and cry.

Here are some ideas on different topics you can post about..just in case you drew a blank. lol

Best Advice: what is the best advice you have learned over the years? Whether it be 1 child or 10...we all know those little tips that work. The ways to shush a baby, the ways to teach potty training, you know...the ones you used ...that worked!

Or how about some little funny Anecdotes? Did your little one get into trouble or say something that you found really funny?

There is always the "Expecting the Unexpected" stuff. Isn't it always when you have it all planned and some little thing goes wrong that you had not counted on?

Being a new parent is let's show Adrian and Alexa that we've all been through this...and survived! LOL

In case you are wondering why it's called: The BABIES Blog we came up with a great acronym. BABIES stands for "Before Adrian Buys It Expensive Stuff."

Feel free to send your good wishes and congratulations too! This is for ALL of Adrian's fans and friends, so come on and share your adventures in parenting.

Also, a lot of people have expressed a desire to send a gift. More info is coming on how to do that soon according to Carmel MacPherson, President Highlanderworldwide. It looks like there will be a couple Baby Registries set up so they don't get 4 of one thing and none of another. More info on that soon.

Meanwhile, you can always leave a gift by donating to PEACE. A link is at the bottom.